NC Shoe Type Planters

The NC shoe-type planter is a uniquely simple design with the precision Monosem vacuum metering system, which provides economical, trouble-free planting with low maintenance. The NC row unit is designed to fit on a 5×5 toolbar to keep the planter light and capable of being carried by a small hp tractor. The NC planter provides a low drop point allowing for a shorter distance for the seed to travel from the meter to the soil. The single wheel in the back provides the depth control.

NC Shoe
NC Shoe Type Planter

1. Parallel Linkage

The heavy-duty parallel linkage with its long travel is mounted on replaceable bushings.

2. Safety Clutch

Each metering unit is equipped with an audible safety clutch system with automatic clutching for optimal protection of the metering system.

Down Pressure Spring

3. Down Pressure Spring

The heavy-duty parallel linkage with its long travel is mounted on replaceable bushings.

4. Shoe

Planting with shoe (maize shoe) with interchangeable tip.

Depth Adjustment

5. Depth Control

The working depth adjustment with crank adjuster and reference index is very simple and precise.

Clod Remover

6. Closing Wheel

Large 20 Inch Diameter Closing Wheel for floatation of the row unit and provide seed to soil contact.

NC Shoe Hopper

7. Hopper

Heavy-duty plastic hopper with a 40-liter capacity as standard.

NC Hiller

8. Hiller

The NC units are fitted with hillers between the shoe and the rear wheels as standard equipment for closing the furrow.

Optional Equipment

Double Disc Openers

Double Disc Openers

A double disc can be fitted on to the NC unit in order to improve furrow opening (planting in less well prepared soils).


Monosem produces an accurate, simple and extremely reliable meter.

NG Plus Meter Unit

1 – Meter Cover / Fill Side
1a – Control Window
1b – Clean-out
2 – Singulator
3 – Seed Disc

4 – Agitator
5 – Teflon Wear Gasket
6 – Hold Down Plate
7 -Meter Cover / Drive Side with Adjustment Lever & Vacuum

Cover (Exterior)

Cast aluminum cover provides accuracy without variation due to temperature. Easily removable for access to seed discs.

Seed Discs

The 1.5mm thick flat stainless steel discs with mounted brass agitators make a rigid durable meter. Changing is quick and done without tools. A complete range of discs are available for all precision planting applications.

Cover (Interior)

The spring loaded brass ejector block, shown mounted in the Meter Cover, directs seed release at the same consistent angle for consistent spacing.

Teflon Wear Gasket

The replaceable teflon wear gasket maintains a smooth contact surface and seal between back of seed plate and vacuum side of meter.

Control Window

A large transparent window aids in fine tuning of the meter for accurate singulation.

Meter Cover / Drive Side with Adjustment Lever & Vacuum


The brass singulator eliminates doubles. A spring on the cover maintains positive contact against the disc for optimal singulation, even with small seeds.

Easy Meter Adjustment

Singulator Adjustment lever controls both vacuum and singulator.

Easy Meter NG Plus

Meter exterior showing adjustment lever.

Meter interior showing seed singulator.

For fine tuning adjustment:

Raise to avoid skips vacuum at full.

Also moves singulator higher for larger seeds.

Lower to eliminate doubles and vacuum reduces.

Also moves singulator lower for smaller seeds.

Meter Options

Large Seed Cover Opening Highlighted
Large Seed Cover

For large seeds such as peanuts and large Lima beans Monosem offers a Large Seed Meter. The cover larger opening to prevent lodging.

Meter Cover
Meter Cover
Meter Cover Inserts

Depending on the size of the seed an insert can be placed in the meter to restrict the volume of seed entering the meter.