Monosem designed the NG Plus 4 row unit with the ability to customize it to fit your farming operation straight from the factory rather than adapting your operation to the equipment. The NG Plus 4 row unit brings four critical components you expect out of a precision row unit:

  1. Accurate seed singulation
  2. Accurate seed spacing
  3. Consistent depth control
  4. Good seed to soil contact for germination.

The heart of the row unit is the meter which is why it is made of cast aluminum with stainless steel seed discs. The only piece of plastic in the meter is a nylon wear gasket where the seed disc rotates on.

These high-quality components ensure a durable, accurate, and consistent meter that is versatile enough to plant small seeds like turnips and carrots up to seeds as big as peanuts or edible beans with minimal adjustments to the meter. In today’s agriculture market every seed planted counts, which is why NG Plus 4 should be your choice when it comes to the most important pass.


5×5 Small Planters

7×7 Large Planters


Meter System

4" Guage Wheel

Gauge Wheels

Closing Wheels

Residue Managers

3 Bushel Hopper NG Plus

Seed Hoppers

Pro Wheel - Options

NG Plus Options


Single Row (small planter models)
Best in conventional or slightly tilled ground

5x5 Two Row
5x5 3 Row

This row unit uses a 5” x 5” square toolbar making it easier for smaller tractors to handle, yet strong enough to withstand many years of planting with minimal expense. Perfect for smaller operations, such as roadside vegetable markets, this row unit works best in conventional or slightly till ground. Planters are available in rigid or stacking toolbars with sizes ranging from 1 to 8 rows.

Standard Equipment

  1. Long travel linkage with stabilizing  springs to smooth out bounce
  2. Attachment point for cold removers, residue managers, no-till coulters
  3. 15” Tru-Vee Disk openers with 4 mm thick blades and cast hub
  4. Independent depth gauge wheels available in different widths for all conditions
  5. Rubber V-Closing wheels standard (see closing wheels for all options)
  6. Screw adjust depth control for more fine-tuning adjustments
  7. Precision cast aluminum vacuum meter with stainless steel seed disc
  8. Standard 2-bushel seed hopper

Down Pressure

HD Spring

Heavy Duty Down Pressure Spring

Quick Adjust

Quick Adjust Down Pressure



Single Row, Twin-Row & Ultra Narrow Row
(larger planter models)

7x7 Rigid
7x7 Stacker

The NG+ 4 row unit uses a 7×7 Square toolbar capable of handling all conditions from conventional tillage to no-till. The Narrow Linkage supports single, twin-row, and ultra-narrow row configurations at 9.5”or 10”. The Wide Linkage is available for single or split row configurations with row spacing as narrow as 15-inch. The 7×7 linkages offer a wide selection of downforce options for all field conditions. Planters are available in rigid, stacking, and pull-type toolbars, with sizes ranging from 1 to 36 rows.

Standard Equipment

  1. Narrow parallel linkage for all row spacing
  2. Attachment point for cold removers, residue managers, no-till coulters
  3. 15” Tru-Vee Disk openers with 4 mm thick blades and cast hub
  4. Independent depth gauge wheels available in different widths for all conditions
  5. Rubber V-Closing wheels standard (see closing wheels for all options)
  6. Screw adjust depth control for more fine-tuning adjustments
  7. Precision cast aluminum vacuum meter with stainless steel seed disc
  8. Standard 2-bushel seed hopper


For conventional and lighter conditions, Monosem has an array of spring systems, starting with our quick adjust down pressure system. A wide range of adjustments can be achieved with a simple turn of the wrench.

Monoshox® and MonoshoxAir™

The unique design and valving of the Monoshox® provides optimal depth control. A gas filled shock provides a smoother ride by independently reacting to varying field conditions. A coil over spring allows additional down pressure as needed by adjusting at the row. If your looking for in cab down pressure control with the benefit of Monoshox, MonoshoxAir™ is the right choice.

Narrow Linkage

Up Pressure

Narrow Linkage Dual Front Spring

HD Spring

Quick Adjust

Narrow Linkage with Dual Springs


7x7 Monoshox

Monoshox Air

Narrow Linikage with Monoshox

Wide Linkage

The wide linkage provides a face plate that works with a wide range of row unit attachments.

Clamp Face

Wide Linkage Faceplate



Monoshox Air

MonoShox Air


Monosem produces an accurate, simple and extremely reliable meter.

NG Plus Meter Unit

1 – Meter Cover / Fill Side
1a – Control Window
1b – Clean-out
2 – Singulator
3 – Seed Disc

4 – Agitator
5 – Teflon Wear Gasket
6 – Hold Down Plate
7 -Meter Cover / Drive Side with Adjustment Lever & Vacuum

Cover (Exterior)

Cast aluminum cover provides accuracy without variation due to temperature. Easily removable for access to seed discs.

Seed Discs

The 1.5mm thick flat stainless steel discs with mounted brass agitators make a rigid durable meter. Changing is quick and done without tools. A complete range of discs are available for all precision planting applications.

Cover (Interior)

The spring loaded brass ejector block, shown mounted in the Meter Cover, directs seed release at the same consistent angle for consistent spacing.

Teflon Wear Gasket

The replaceable teflon wear gasket maintains a smooth contact surface and seal between back of seed plate and vacuum side of meter.

Control Window

A large transparent window aids in fine tuning of the meter for accurate singulation.

Meter Cover / Drive Side with Adjustment Lever & Vacuum


The brass singulator eliminates doubles. A spring on the cover maintains positive contact against the disc for optimal singulation, even with small seeds.

Easy Meter Adjustment

Singulator Adjustment lever controls both vacuum and singulator.

Easy Meter NG Plus

Meter exterior showing adjustment lever.

Meter interior showing seed singulator.

For fine tuning adjustment:

Raise to avoid skips vacuum at full.

Also moves singulator higher for larger seeds.

Lower to eliminate doubles and vacuum reduces.

Also moves singulator lower for smaller seeds.

Meter Options

Large Seed Cover Opening Highlighted
Large Seed Cover

For large seed crop like peanuts and kidney beans, Monosem offers a large seed meter cover that is 40% larger opening than the standard cover. The larger opening helps prevent lodging and allows increased planter speed.

Meter Cover
Meter Cover
Meter Cover Inserts

Depending on the size of the seed an insert can be placed in the meter to restrict the volume of seed entering the meter.

NG Plus Brush Kit
Brush Kit

The brush kit, commonly referred to as the canola or rice kit, helps eject debris in the holes of the seed disc after seed drop.

Gauge Wheels

Monosem offers a range of walking depth gauge wheels, dependent on row configuration and soil conditions.

  • Standard with either a 2- or 4-inch-wide tire and solid wheel.
  • A spoked wheel option in either 3 or 4-inch for wetter conditions.
  • In extreme sandy conditions, we offer a double 4-inch gauge wheel for maximum flotation.
  • Gauge wheel scrapers also available.
4" Guage Wheel

Closing Wheels

All farms are different, which is why Monosem has a closing wheel bracket for almost every possible soil condition. Our traditional V-Press closing system is offered with a standard rubber tire, with options such as a spike or cast-iron wheel. The spike or cast-iron wheels are designed for heavy/no-till ground. Our flat press wheel with either disc or hiller closing work great in light or sandy soils, or with shallow planted seeds.

Screw Adjust


Symmetrical Closing Wheel

Dual Lever

NG Plus Dual Lever Closing Wheel

Twin Row

Twin Row Closing Wheels

Reverse Twin Row

Reverse Twin Row Closing Wheel

Cast Iron

Cast Iron Closing Wheels

Spike Wheel

Spike Closing Wheel

Disc Closing with Flat Press Wheel

Flat Press with disc closing

Twin Row Disc Closing with Flat Press Wheel

Disc Closing with Cage Wheel

Hillers with Flat Press Wheel

Residue Managers

Most planting seasons have challenges whether it be the soil or residue conditions, which is why Monosem offers a wide range of row cleaners and coulters. No-Till coulters can aid in row unit penetration and cut trash ahead of opener blades, to increase the life of the disc opener. Clod removers to move clods and stones out of the seed line. Residue mangers move all debris to create a clean seed bed. Residue managers available in single or dual wheel, shark or spike tooth, floating or rigid, as well as standard or narrow row spacing. Monosem sources residue managers and no-till coulters from Yetter, Groff, and Sunco.

Yetter Dual Wheel Spike

Yetter dual wheel shark tooth

Yetter Dual Wheel Shark Tooth

Yetter Single Wheel Spike

Yetter Single Wheel Shark Tooth

Dual Wheel Grouf Residue Manager

Dual Wheel Groff

Clod Remover Residue Manager

Clod Remover

No Till Coulter

No Till Residue Combo

No Till Residue Combo


Monosem offers three sizes of seed hoppers ranging from 1/2 Bushel for small seed to 3 Bushel for high volume seed.

16 Liter (1/2 BU)

2 Bushel

3 Bushel

Bulk Fill

CSS Central Seed System

A 50-bushel central tank is standard on stackers and two 65-bushel tanks are standard on large pull types for quicker and easier fill. The ½ bushel receiving hopper is used as a receiving hopper but can used where CSS is not applicable.

Blower Eliminator

To reduce the hydraulic requirements on the tractor, Monosem designed the blower eliminator. It uses the exhaust off the turbo fan to pressurize the Central Seed System (CSS) and blow the seed from the tank to the row units without the need a blower fan. This is the same turbofan used to create vacuum at the rows.


Row Unit Lockup

A row unit lock up can be added to hold units in the up position. This option is popular for farmers who want to plant single row with their twin row planter, or vegetable farmers who want different row spacing options between crops such as broccoli and melons.

NG Plus Ball Valve Option

Vacuum Shutoff

A ball valve can be added to shutoff the vacuum to unused meters during planting. This is a common option added in combination with the Row Unit Lockup.

Pro Wheel Option

Pro Wheel

The Pro Wheel is a 12-inch diameter aluminum press wheel with stainless steel band that acts as a rolling seed firmer. The rolling motion & flat surface gently presses the seed into the seed trench for improved seed to soil contact providing optimal germination and consistent plant emergence. The Pro Wheel’s flat surface also aids in reducing sidewall compaction by breaking down the v trench. The Pro Wheel does not work with the flat press wheel closing systems.

Standard Cast Point


V-Slice Insert




Cast Points

Monosem offers three different cast points that protect the seed tube, scrapes the inside of the disc openers, and creates a true V in the furrow. The standard cast point works in most soil conditions, where the V-Slice is used primarily in heavier soils. A V-shoe opener uses the standard point with “wings” for sandy soils to prevent the trench from collapsing before the seed is placed. Also used for very shallow planted seeds to keep the seed in the trench.

Seed Tube Wind Boot

Seed Tube Wind Boot

Seed Tube Residue Guard

Seed Tube Residue Guard

Residue Guards

There is a small gap between the meter and seed tube. A wind boot is used to prevent wind from moving the seed in the tube. A residue guard is used in not till conditions to prevent stalks from jamming in between the meter and seed tube.

Secondary Air System

The secondary air system captures turbofan exhaust and redirects air to the backside of the seed disc directly after the seed drop. It provides air pressure cleaning out fines and small seed debris.