Twin Row

Twin Row provides an alternative solution to achieving higher yields with minimal change to your farming operation. By equally spacing the twin rows to each side of center, it allows you to use your conventional harvesting equipment.



Twin Row Peanuts


Twin Row Michon


Twin Row Maize


Twin Row Corn


  • Potential for higher yields
  • Allows higher planting population
  • Twin row has shown benefits on many different crops
  • Narrow rows help with weed suppression
  • Maximizes space between plants, allowing efficent use of nutrients & water
  • Increases tonnage and quality in silage corn and peanuts
  • Same harvest equipment used as with single row
  • Better root development and diameter of stock for stronger plants
  • Increased use of sunlight
  • Reduces disease pressure

Twin-Row row units are equally offset from the centerline of the row spacing you choose. This allows a standard corn header to harvest by bending the stock back to the centerline. The left row unit is set back 18” allowing the rows units to get closer together. 

Twin Row Diagram

38” twin-row example


Using Monosem’s patented Sync-Row™ system allows you to stagger the seed to get a diamond pattern for maximum space between plants. The diamond pattern allows more space between plants to maximize photosynthesis, decrease competition for nutrients and moisture, and shade the ground quicker reducing weed pressure and evaporation.

Sync Row Dial

Sync-Row Timing

35K Population

Twin Row - Monosem

Single Row

35K Population

Sync-Row Timing at 35,000 population on 38″ Twin Row rows gives plants 106% MORE SPACE by staggering seed versus 38″ single row.